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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) : automation where a computer (robot) drives existing company software in the same way that a user does. It simply mimics a person’s action in completing rule-based tasks.
  • No changes in your current systems and databases.
  • Short implementation time to production
  • High ROI within a year.
  • No new security access required.
Robotic Process Automation
blueprism RPA
RPA technology
Benefits of RPA

Robotic Process automation?
Business Process Management?

Robotic Process  Automation
Business Process Management

Business Goal

Reduce cost and headcount through the use of robots
Re-engineer underlying processes and drive central tools

Core Activity

Automation of repetitive tasks and training "robots" to complete activities
Define and implement entire process management model for enterprise

Time & Impact

Implementation in weeks as existing applications are not adjusted as existing User Interface is used to "drive" applications
Complex multi months even years implementations with large business impacts

Tech Approach

New Application definition and comprehensive integration into underlying systems to have a single" process model"
Apply changes without changing existing applications and underlying system

As robotics becomes an increasingly critical part of organizations' business processes, BPM is playing a role in overcoming the challenges of robotics automation.

Our Services
  1. Design Automation Solution
    Automation Solution design helps organisations to evaluate automation potential within their business. We will scan and analyse the potential of a virtual workforce, identify the current status across the different processes and tasks in the customer organisation. The service includes a deployment plan and business justification.
  2. Proof of Concept
    The proof-of-concept demonstrates the business case and the benefits that automation brings to the selected processes and tasks. The output is a report outlining the validated and measured benefits of automation.
  3. Implement & Operate
    The implementation methodology means of delivering ongoing business benefit through process automation using a controlled and structured Agility Framework. After deployment, tailored support package is available for. Our approach ensures optimization of the virtual workforce and increases the level of automation.
  4. Cloud Service
    Robotic Process Automation can either be delivered as a Cloud service or as onsite software
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    Continuous SLA-based support is provided to critical IT systems..
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